Inspires Students To Higher Education

At a time when high school students are considering their career options, My Career Match inspires students to higher education or skills training for a better future.

Builds A Valuable Student Database

Our platform generates thousands of future student leads straight to your CRM. My Career Match is the most cost effective recruitment tool that encourages future students to study with you.

Promotes Your Brand Early

Make My Career Match a valuable part of your outreach activities –for school visits, virtual expos, career fairs, campus visits, social media campaigns and information evenings.


Students love learning about how awesome their talents are!

This motivates them to find out about what they could do with those talents.

There’s significant research on the connection between personality and career success. The more students connect to their career, the more confident they become.

Student benefits include:

  • Students learn about their personality strengths and talents
  • Students matched to their ‘best fit’ careers and your courses
  • Proven and loved by students and parents

When students make the right career decision that matches their strengths, the more passionate they become and the greater their hopes and dreams are to make the world a better place.


Clients use My Career Match in different ways to attract future students, depending on their organisation, objectives, and strategies.

Over 2 million students and counting!

Your level of outreach activity with schools, or online, determines the number of qualified student leads you generate. On average, 100 schools using your My Career Match branded quiz results in 5000+ leads per annum per university or faculty.

The MyCareerMatch software generates thousands of student leads straight into your CRM. Take a look at some of our clients’ branded products and then contact us for a free trial.