Amplifies Your Student Recruitment

Generate thousands of qualified students leads. MyCourseMatch for Business is a recruitment tool that encourages future students to study with you.

Matches Students To The Right Courses

Attract and match students to their ‘best fit’ business courses. Right student. Right course. Right career. Results are more engaged students, higher retention and course completion.

Happy Successful Graduates

Your branded platform recommends courses that each student will find a perfect match for their personality and strengths, leading to a successful career after graduation.


Students love the experience…they get personal information that’s all about them! And you collect thousands of highly motivated future business student leads to communicate with.

There’s significant research on the connection between personality and achievement. The more students connect to their course, the more confident they feel about their studies.

Student benefits include:

  • Higher grades
  • Stick with their choice through graduation
  • Graduate on time
  • Be more satisfied and successful in their career
  • Earn top salaries …or become an entrepreneur!

When students take the right business course that matches their strengths and talents, the more passionate they become and the greater the personal reward of purpose and job satisfaction they have.


We partner with business schools and university faculties to engage and drive student recruitment.  So how does our software work and why do clients love it?

After answering a short quiz, your branded MyCourseMatch For Business delivers personalised information to students about their best course options, personality type, natural strengths, ‘right fit’ courses and career options.

For under $9 per student, we generate thousands of qualified student leads straight into your CRM. Take a look at some of our clients’ products and then contact us for a free trial.