Amplify Your Student Engagement

If you’re looking to increase your engineering enrolments, our new My Engineering Career quiz can generate thousands of quality leads from students interested in engineering.

Engage Bright Curious Minds

Using our ‘branded for you’ platform in your student recruitment campaigns, on your website and social media, you can attract and match students to their ‘best fit’ engineering careers and courses.

Right Student. Right Engineering Career!

My Engineering Career recommends careers and courses that suit each student’s personality strengths, leading to a more informed choice about which engineering career is right for them, and what courses to take to become a qualified engineer.


Students love My Engineering Careers… it’s personal and it’s all about them! And you collect thousands of highly motivated future engineering student leads to nurture and communicate with.

There’s significant research on the connection between personality and achievement. The more students connect to their career passions, the more confident they feel about their study choices.

Engineering student benefits include:

  • Love solving problems that can change the world!
  • Stick with their choice through graduation
  • Be more successful in their career

When students decide on the right engineering career that matches who they are, the more passionate they become and the greater the personal reward of purpose and job satisfaction they have.


Did you know that 34% of top CEOs in the world are engineers!

According to the Harvard Business Review research, The Best Performing CEOs in the World’, 34 out of the Top 100 CEOs in the world are engineering graduates.

To help students decide on the right engineering career for their personality strengths, we developed My Engineering Careers, for engineering schools to attract the best and brightest students to the right engineering courses.

Once students understand their strengths they have the confidence to make the right career and study choices. View My Engineering Careers profile and contact us for a free trial.