Showcase Your City or Country To The World

We help you attract, engage and inspire more international students to study with you. Each country has unique educational attributes to attract future students.
By using MyCareerMatch you customise your message to international students and their parents, building a database of potential students to engage with.

Attract The Best And Brightest

Students have done their research on which country, city and educational institute they wish to attend.

Your site with MyCareerMatch installed will make that decision easier for students and parents.

Our program delivers personal content matching their personality traits to your courses and to careers requiring those qualifications.


Studying abroad is a global phenomenon, with students crossing countries, continents and oceans to get the best education.

It’s often said that going to university is when a student becomes truly independent from parents and family. This is especially true when they go to a university or study in another country.

One of the main reasons for getting an international degree is to improve students’ career prospects. In a globalised, connect the world, employers increasingly value graduates with international experience and education.

MyCareerMatch showcases your city and country’s educational institutions and employment opportunities to international students.


In a crowded marketplace of cities and institutions around the world, many fail to deliver the information prospective students need to make an informed decision.

MyCareerMatch partners with you to engage

and recruit international students. Our program is an ideal tool for use with international education agents representing your institution, city or country.

We provide multiple languages instructions to communicate with future students, parents and family.

Our career course advice promotes faculties such as business, communication, arts, technology and engineering, each personalised for every student.

With MyCareerMatch our clients have added a unique engagement tool to arouse students natural curiosity about which career and course are right for them, and deliver valuable insight and options open to them.