Understanding Online and Vocational Students

Online Students tend to be adults looking to upskill, change careers or re-enter the workforce. They want to learn at their pace as time allows. No doubt life will get in the way but those most determined will complete their course. Vocational students and Apprentices learn in a practical way – “learning by doing” – and require mentors and tutors who are empathetic and motivate and inspire young people to hang in and complete their qualifications despite the many distractions they face.


When courses are selected that match the student’s personality, they are more likely to complete and graduate in the course they selected.

The closer the match the more committed the student is. Often courses or occupations are chosen based on what others think they should do, or what their friends are doing. This can lead to disappointment and students dropping out because what they’ve selected is “not them”.

Our program helps eliminate “poor choices” and provides the student with a range of careers that best suit them.


MyCareerMatch Recruit has successfully partnered with clients such as North Sydney TAFE, MIGAS, Learning People, Upskilled, Auto Skills Australia, Endeavour College, Construct My Career and OCTEC.