Understanding Student Behaviours

Student acquisition is not, as some would believe, an art but a science. Students buy in certain ways, react to certain triggers and are happy to spend whatever it takes to satisfy their needs and values.

It’s All About Behavioural Psychology

Your students have ‘buy button’ in their brain! We can help you turn it on, combining behavioural psychology and leading thinking in education and business sales.

Dynamic Student Acquisition

So what does behavioural selling have to do with the student acquisition? Everything! Behavioural psychology can create dynamic student acquisition results and happy students!


We have created a new Behavioural Selling Academy For UniversitiesMySalesSuccess – that gives your team the tools to form great relationships with students; make those who are uncertain or stressed feel relaxed, and put behavioural psychology to work to improve the student experience (and enrol more students!)

Call centre staff benefits include:

  • Discover the team’s sales personality types
  • Learn behavioural selling and listening techniques
  • Learn the psychology of student behaviour
  • Predict and influence non-conscious buying triggers

MySalesSuccess is a program that can supercharge your call centre results, making it easier for students to make a decision to enrol with you … whether it’s an online course or diploma, or on-campus undergraduate or postgrad degree.


“We trained our entire team using Behavioural Selling Techniques using MySalesSuccess. We are now continually breaking enrolment records”.  UNE University, Australia

When asked about their success, one Team Leader said: ”We no longer just sign students up for individual courses; we make students feel comfortable and happy about their decisions.”

Another client said: “We’ve seen our enrolments increase. Our team love communicating with students in this way!”

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If you’d like to energise your team or train new staff visit the Sales Success Academy; view My Sales Personality Profile; contact us for a free trial.